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IACUC Protocol Continuation Review Form

This form should be completed by the PI of an active animal research protocol just before the one-year and two-year mark of the protocol approval period. IACUC protocols are approved for up to three calendar years. The Policy requires researchers to notify the IACUC office on an annual basis that their protocols are active and to report any changes.

Do you currently house live vertebrates in your lab(s)?
Will you be continuing this project into the next calendar year?
If NO, is this research project CLOSED?

Please specify if your research protocol has had any of the following changes from the originally approved protocol:

Changes in the objective of the study?
Proposals to switch from nonsurvival to survival surgery?
Changes in species?
Changes in number of animals used?
Changes in personnel involved in animal procedures?
Changes in anesthetic agent(s), the use or withholding of analgesics?
Changes in methods of euthanasia?
Changes in the duration, frequency, or number of procedures performed on an animal?
Changes in the housing location or animal husbandry?
Have you experienced any unexpected or adverse results that have affected the welfare of the animals?
Have you or your co-researchers experienced any environmental health issues or events?
Are there any facilities issues in your laboratory space(s), including health & safety equipment issues, that you would like to report?

Thank you for your feedback!