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Sponsored Research & Research Compliance Contacts

  • Steven Herbert, Ph.D.
    Provost & Academic Vice President
    Authorized Institutional Official for Sponsored Research, IRB, and IACUC
    Location: AD 133b
    216.397.4372 |
  • James H. Krukones, Ph.D.
    Vice Provost For Academic Affairs
    IACUC Co-Chair; Research Integrity Officer (RIO)
    Location: AD 133
    216.397.4762 |
  • Erica M. Kennedy, MBA, CRA
    Director of Sponsored Programs
    Contact for funding opportunities, proposal submission, post award management of grants and research contracts
    Location: AD 250a
    216.397.4520 | FAX: 216.397.3089 |
  • Anthony Tarescavage, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Psychology
    IRB Chair
    Location: Dolan E309
    216.397.1612 |

Grant Accounting Contact

  • Tammy Wisz
    Manager, Payroll, Endowment, & Grant Accounts
    Controller’s Office
    Location: Rodman Hall 150b
    216.397.4456 | FAX: 216.397.3062 |

Faculty Bibliography Contact

  • Eileen Egan
    Administrative Assistant to the Associate AVP
    Contact for Faculty Bibliography submissions
    Location AD 133
    216.397.4370 | FAX: 216.397.3089 |

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