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Special Guidance Topics:

Starting a NEW project: Always download a fresh application form. You can access the IRB Application, the Application Guide, and other related forms on the IRB Forms & Templates page. Then refer to the INVESTIGATORS’ GUIDE, followed by the very important Informed Consent page.

IRB Historical Timeline: A list of links describing the events, in chronological order, that led to the birth of Human Subject Protections and that continue to influence our current regulations and policies. Very interesting reading!


Classroom Projects: When do they require IRB review and when do they not?

Faculty Use of Students in Research: How faculty members can design a protocol that recruits their students or advisees while avoiding coercion.

Mass Email Recruitment at JCU: How to properly use JCU large email lists to recruit within the JCU community.

Online Survey Research: How to design and distribute online surveys using platforms such as Qualtrics, Google Forms, and Survey Monkey.

Using the Psych Pool: How to design protocols that use the SONA system and the student pool from the Psychology department.

Exempt Category 3: Benign Behavioral Interventions: How to use the Decision Tool to determine whether your research qualifies for this new exemption category.

Privacy: What is the difference between “anonymous” and “confidential”? What are “identifiers”? How to design a protocol that protects privacy and keeps data secure.

Concealment and Deception: How to use concealment and deception in your protocol effectively and ethically. How to properly debrief study participants.

Definition of “Minimal Risk”

Certificates of Confidentiality

Collaborating Outside JCU: How to work with researchers and IRBs outside of the JCU community. Which IRB do you use?

The IRB office welcomes inquiries!  Feel free to call or stop by the office to discuss your project or for help with the IRB application.