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IRB Forms

IMPORTANT! Please read the following before you begin:

All users must use Adobe Acrobat DC whenever they edit, save, or submit any of our PDF forms!

  1. Before you begin, download and SAVE the form to your computer. It will be a PDF.
  2. Open the form in Adobe Acrobat DC. Need Adobe Acrobat? Down load it  for free:
  3. If the top left-hand side of your screen doesn't say "Adobe Acrobat," you're not in Adobe Acrobat and you should not begin filling out the form!
  4. If you are using a JCU-owned desktop computer, Adobe Acrobat Reader can be found under the Start Menu.
  5. Always open, edit, and save your form in Adobe Acrobat. We've found that other PDF viewers, including any Google Docs in Google Drives, do not work and will corrupt your file.
  6. Mac/Apple Users: Macs come with apps ("Preview" and the web browser "Safari") that can view PDF files and allow you to fill in forms, BUT THIS WILL CORRUPT OUR FORM. Mac users must open the files in Acrobat Reader DC. Just installing it isn't enough, you have to make sure Adobe is used.
  7. The PI should submit the completed form by attaching it to an email and sending it to

Download the IRB Application here:  
IRB Application Form 5.0

NEW! Student and External (outside JCU) Investigators must also download:
IRB Research Sponsor Signature Form

Please download the updated User's Guide:
IRB Application User's Guide 5.0 


Other IRB Forms:

IRB Revision Request Form 3.0  (updated 8/16/2021)

  • Used to request a change to a previously approved or exempted IRB protocol
  • Changes to protocols are NOT AUTHORIZED until a Revision Request is submitted and approved
  • Requires the use of Adobe Acrobat DC.

IRB Continuation Request Form 3.1  (updated 9/2/2021)

  • Used to extend the approval period for an IRB protocol
  • Continuing Review is not always required for minimal risk IRB protocols. Refer to the Notice of Approval document for the approval expiration date of your protocol.
  • Must be submitted 3-4 weeks BEFORE the approval expiration date
  • If an approved protocol expires, research must CEASE IMMEDIATELY
  • Requires the use of Adobe Acrobat DC.

IRB Reliant Review Information Form

  • Used when JCU is engaged in the research but the project is being reviewed and approved by an IRB other than JCU's.
  • The JCU IRB will not review these protocols; they will be reliant on an outside IRB
  • The approval letter and contact information for the approving IRB must be included.
  • Requires the use of Adobe Acrobat DC.

IRB Individual Investigator Agreement

  • Must be completed by Primary Investigators who submit IRB applications and who are not members of the JCU community (faculty, staff, or students)
  • Must be signed by St. Mary Seminary & Graduate School of Theology student researchers with their IRB applications
  • Requires the use of Adobe Acrobat DC.

Human Subject Research Information Form

  • Used when JCU is not engaged in the research, but outside researchers are collecting data on campus from our faculty, staff, or students.
  • The JCU IRB will not review these protocols; information will be collected and filed so the IRB Office is aware of HSR activity on campus.
  • The approval letter and contact information for the approving IRB must be included.
  • Requires use of Adobe Acrobat DC.


IRB Templates

JCU Informed Consent/Assent Documents

First: Review The Required Elements of Informed Consent