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Clearly the Immersion Experiences live on long after graduation. Almost 90% of JCU alumni who graduated five years ago or more claimed that their Immersion Experience was one of the most significant experiences at John Carroll. (89 out of 104 respondents.)

  • 51% of the same alumni group reported that their immersion gave them a Sense of Direction in Vocational identity.
  • 58% reported that the Immersion Experience encouraged them to rethink their vocation or what they do with their free time.
  • 84% said that the Immersion Experience encouraged them to travel more and to experience different cultures.
  • 61% said that the Immersion Experience encouraged their interest to engage in advocacy work.

Among alumni, the Immersion Experience was most effective at influencing ‘the value of supporting social change’ (83%), and ‘generating more compassion’ (79%); and ‘increasing a desire for service for and with others’ (79%).

63% of our alumni respondents answered that their faith traditions influenced their decision to become involved in social justice issues.

The following charts refer to our undergraduates on immersions. Please Click on the Links Below to Enlarge them:

I received IRB approval for our immersion assessment.

This page was updated April 15, 2019.

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Anne McGinness, Ph.D.