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Ethical Shopping Guide 


Broad Spectrum of Ethical & Sustainable Goods: 

This list of socially responsible brands features fair trade, sustainable, and give back brands allowing you to easily shop your values. Choose the product category you're shopping for & you will see a list of brands that are making a difference.

The Honest Consumer

Green America


Fair Trade Coffee, Tea, Chocolate 

You can order Equal Exchange Products through campus ministry! Your order will be filled as soon as possible (usually within one business day). 

Campus Ministry Fair Trade Order Form 

Eko Cups



Often the go-to gift to brighten a space, flowers are universally admired for their beauty. Flowers are also a massive industry, with production in places as diverse as Ecuador, Kenya, the Netherlands, and Sri Lanka.

Bloomingmore Flowers 

Whole Foods Floral Department

Sense Ecuador 



Whether you prefer tea or coffee, a handmade mug is a unique way to help start your day or sip your afternoon pick-me-up. With options ranging from simple to silly, you’ll find the perfect gift or mug for yourself.

Ten Thousand Villages Mugs 

The Little Market Mugs 

Lucia's Imports Coffee Cups & Mugs

Ethix Merch Mugs 



Discover where to find beautiful handmade and fair trade greeting cards, stationary, journals and bookmarks which are changing the lives of those who create them.

Change The World By How You Shop Cards

Ethix Merch Buttons/Pins 



Looking to keep your head warm? We got you covered! Click below to find all sorts of hats and caps.

Known Supply Hats

Purnaa Caps




Outfitting you with the quality staples you’ll love and want in your closet for years to come.

The Honest Consumer

TS Designs Shirts

Known Supply Shirts

Purnaa Bags

Hae Now Embroidery



Shop for fair trade candies and chocolates that meet your dietary preferences like organic, non-GMO, gluten free, vegetarian, allergy friendly, kosher and/or fair trade.

Natural Candy Store Fair Trade Candy 

Ocho Candy 


Writing utensils 

We love to save trees and these natural tamarind twig pencils are environmentally friendly and a novel way of recycling.

The Little Fair Trade Shop Twig Pencils 

Fair Trade with Friends Artisan-Made Pencils 

Ethix Merch Writing Utensils 



Tired of plastic grocery bags? Tote bags are a great alternative to plastic and last much longer, as well as not negatively impacting the environment.

Ethix Merch Bags & Totes 

Scranton Road Tote Bags (ask for union made or USA made)

Need more information or overwhelmed by all of the options? Please contact Campus Ministry at We would be happy to help you with whatever project you’re working on!