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The University's Speakers and Events policy can be found on the University Committees' Policy page. With some exceptions, outside speakers and performers must be approved prior to the event. The information on this page describes the approval process for events hosted by faculty, staff, or University departments or offices. Student organizations use a different process with the same requirements.

The policy does NOT apply to events held in connection with job searches and hiring or to Commencement.

A number of other speakers and events are exempted based on academic freedom considerations, but faculty are encouraged to still use the link below to confirm an exemption or to seek approval from their Dean, as is relevant.

Clicking the link below takes the user to a set of questions that will determine if an academic exemption applies and will then route the user to appropriate approval form.

Please have the following information ready before you start the process:

  • Info about Person Making Request: Name, email, other people that should get notified of decision, name of org/person sponsoring event
  • Event Basics: Title, Proposed date/time/location (or digital platform), name and phone of contact who will be on-site during event, 
  • Event Specifics: describe content/purpose/learning goals, a few yes/no questions (is it open to the public, funded by University funds, funded by Student Activity Fee), 
  • Speaker Info: name, position and employer, website, bio/cv

The Event Specifics section for conferences asks instead for information about the theme of the conference, and the call for proposals for presentations. And the speaker info section only applies to keynote/plenary speakers, not every presenter at the conference.

Speakers and Events for Faculty and Staff

Once the request form has been submitted, you will receive a copy via email. It will also be routed to the appropriate approver(s). They will normally respond within five business days. The communications will also describe the appeals process, should an appeal be needed.