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Once the Committee on Educational Policies has drafted, considered, and/or reviewed a policy, it is shared with Faculty Council, and other committees where relevant, for comments and questions.  Afterward, it is posted for public comment for 30 days.  Following the comment period, the Committee will consider all feedback received and respond to all signed feedback, possibly make changes to the policies, and vote to formally approve them.  

All comments are anonymous unless the comment-writer signs the comment by including identifying information.

UCEP is requesting review of Student Accessibility Service's Attendance Accommodation Policy. This policy will be available for comment through the end of the day on September 30, 2022.

Student Accessibility Services Attendance Accommodation Policy

Please provide comments, questions, or suggestions on the above policy via this form.

More information about Student Accessibility Services can be found on their webpage:

Questions about this policy can be directed to Meghan Gibbons, co-chair of UCEP, or Allison West Kaskey, Director of SAS.