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The Boler College of Business offers an exciting program in London every spring semester. This academic program is designed for second semester sophomores wishing to enter the Boler College of Business.

Regents University

The Boler College of Business London Program is housed at Regent’s University. Regent’s University is a center of academic excellence in the heart of London, one of Europe’s most exciting cities. Offering world-class university facilities for students, the Regent’s University campus is home to five internationally respected learning institutions.


Students have the opportunity to choose from a wide array of courses offered at Regent’s College, all of which have been pre-approved by John Carroll University and require no petitioning. If you have further questions regarding the courses, please see Mrs. Atkins in the Boler Business College or the Center for Global Education.

Grading Scale:

 70-100  A  46-49  C+
 65-69  A-  43-45  C
 60-64  B+  41-42  C-
 55-59  B  40  D
 50-54  B-  0-39  F

Student Life

outside of brick building

Outside the classroom the welfare of Regent’s students is important. Dedicated and experienced staff is on hand to assist with accommodation, welfare, social activities, and any other student concerns.

The Tate Library and IT services provide a comprehensive range of study resources. Regent’s College also boasts excellent cafés and restaurants, good sporting facilities, and an active social calendar.

The student service team at Regent’s College can advise on healthcare, counseling and disability issues, whilst their knowledge of London can help you make the most of your stay.

Excursions and Activities

Students will have a chance to participate in organized excursions during their time in London. Short excursions have typically been organized to Bath and Stonehenge, Canterbury. In addition to these shorter excursions, students have participated in one long excursion to Europe.

Financial Aid Information

Students participating on this program are eligible to take all financial aid with the exception of work-study. This includes scholarships, federal, and state aid. Students on employee benefits packages are not eligible for these benefits on this program. Please consult the Office of Financial Aid for further information.

Program Costs for Spring 2020

  • Tuition: 20,615
  • Room and Board: 5,940
  • Program Fee*: 2,500
  • Administrative Fee: 1,000
  • Total Billed by JCU: $ 30,055

Estimated costs (Not billed by JCU):

  • Books and Supplies: 450
  • Personal Expenses: 4,500
  • Insurance: 225
  • Total Indirect Costs: 5,175

Total Semester Budget: $ 35,230

*Program fee includes (can change due to Dollar/Pound exchange rate):

  • Roundtrip transatlantic airfare from Cleveland
  • Group transfers
  • Welcome dinner
  • 50.00 GBR Underground Pass
  • One excursion to Europe (past excursions have included Berlin, Brussels, and Rome)

$500 deposit is due April 1, and $500 deposit due on October 1

More information regarding the total cost of attendance can be found here.

How to Apply

The application deadline is April 1. The program may be limited in the number of participants; it is recommended to submit a completed application and a $500 deposit early. Admission to the program is based on academic standing, and order or deposit. Students intending to major in the Boler College of Business are given preference, but Arts and Sciences majors are encouraged to apply as well. Another deposit of $500 is due by October 1.

Applications are made online through the Center for Global Education.

For further information about this program please contact the Center for Global Education.

For an extensive website covering all aspects of student life in Britain, please click here.

For further information on the United Kingdom and London consult the following sites.