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For any student veteran seeking to earn an undergraduate degree, understand that you will be applying by way of the streamlined transfer application process. Even if you don’t already have formal college coursework completed, you will be receiving academic credit for your military training and experience.

For graduate school applicants, please note that there are separate processes for the Boler College of Business Graduate Programs and the College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Programs.

To confirm that you are using the correct application for your intended field of study, contact us at or 216.397.4294.

It is easy and free to apply to John Carroll University! Just follow these steps:

  1. Complete our online application.
  2. Arrange to have complete credentials sent directly to the Office of Admission. Complete credentials include:
    • A Transfer Reference Form from your current school (or school most recently attended).
    • Official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended. Official transcripts must be mailed or emailed directly to John Carroll from each college or university (we are unable to accept hand-delivered transcripts). Failure to report collegiate level attendance at any institution will make a student liable for immediate dismissal. Official transcripts can be sent c/o Janet Mirka to
    • A high school transcript and SAT or ACT scores must be submitted only for applicants who have completed fewer than 24 semester hours at a college or university.
  3. If necessary, arrange to have official scores of any AP, IB, or CLEP test results sent to the Office of Admission.

Please have all documents sent to the following address:

John Carroll University Enrollment Division
1 John Carroll Boulevard
University Heights, OH 44118 | c/o Janet Mirka

Application review is done on a rolling basis. Once all required information is received, a student should have an admission decision within three to four weeks.

If you are applying for the fall semester, application files will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning in the preceding February.

If you are applying for the spring semester, application files will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning in the preceding October.

Please know that the Admission Committee may delay making an admission decision in order to see a student’s current semester coursework. If this is the case, a request will be sent to the student asking them to send a copy of their transcript once the coursework is completed.

Financial Aid Awards

  • Merit-based scholarships are awarded at the time of acceptance based on current GPA at time of application review.
  • FAFSA forms must be forwarded to JCU in order to receive a complete financial aid award (JCU FAFSA code is 003050).
  • Please know that the awarding of financial aid for prospective transfer students will begin in April for fall enrollment and late November for spring enrollment.