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#1: John Carroll Trains You to Think

A great job requires an even better education

Employers value four skills in every college graduate, regardless of major or career path:

  1. Analysis
  2. Communications (written + verbal)
  3. Critical Thinking/Judgment/Problem Solving
  4. Decision-making



#2: John Carroll Powers Big Dreams

Liberal arts colleges like John Carroll produce just 3% of America's college graduates, but those grads are twice as likely to earn a Ph.D.

Nearly 20% of the scientists elected to the National Academy of Sciences graduated from a liberal arts college.


#4 John Carroll Loves Numbers

The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2030, 9 out of 10 jobs will require advanced data and digital skills. Smaller private liberal arts colleges like John Carroll University graduate a larger share of its STEM majors — on time and on track for high-paying careers.


#5: John Carroll Students Graduate On Time

The Wall Street Journal estimates that graduating college on time saves close to $20,000. Your undergraduate degree typically requires 120 credits, or 15 credits a semester on average to graduate in four years. John Carroll University supports that pace with a suite of advising, counseling, residence life, student life and other resources. 

John Carroll University graduates 72 percent of its students within four years and supports that pace of completion with a suite of advising, counseling, residence life, student life, and other resources.

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