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  • Yellow Ribbon participation – We voluntarily participate 100% in the VA’s Yellow Ribbon program, and our Patriot Award makes a John Carroll education tuition-free for veterans who are 100% eligible under the Post-9/11 GI Bill®.
  • Your military training will be reviewed for transfer of academic credit, thus reducing your coursework requirements for your degree. At a minimum, you will receive six credit hours of general elective credit through our Military Science department. These particular credits can also be counted towards the JCU Leadership Minor.
  • Online certification of benefits – Allows for a streamlined application of your military education benefits, eliminating the need to have paperwork signed at various offices around campus. We’ll take care of the administrative end of your education.
  • Course load change counseling – If your schedule necessitates a change in course load, we provide counseling to ensure that you understand the intricate VA education policies, and avoid unexpected financial complications.
  • Veterans Lounge – The lounge allows you to socialize with your peers, hang out between classes, or do homework in a veteran-only environment.
  • A commuter meal plan is provided at no cost to Yellow Ribbon veterans.
  • Veteran Alumni Networking and Support – Provides students with the opportunity to connect with our extensive network of alumni veterans, including General Carter Ham, a retired four-star general and graduate of our top-rated ROTC program.

For those service members who are serving currently, some of these resources may be particularly helpful for you.

USMC Leadership Scholar Program

We are proud to partner with the Leadership Scholar Program because of its initiative to connect Marines with high-quality education opportunities. If you are a Marine who isn’t already connected with this program, we would highly recommend it! View their website to learn more.

More information regarding the total cost of attendance can be found here.