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At John Carroll, you will receive a high-quality education that will prepare you for life. We do this through a focus on practical liberal arts, ethics, and spiritual strength in an environment that cares for you as an individual, following the Jesuit philosophy of cura personalis.

  • Quality: The 450-year Jesuit tradition of academic rigor and educational excellence in mind, body, and spirit has educated students around the world.
  • Liberal arts: Our campus is an environment of inquiry that promotes a diverse, balanced, and encompassing education that will teach you how to learn, analyze information, and think critically. This foundation will give you transferable skills and educate you for more than just your first job – it will educate you for life.
  • Ethics: Jesuit education strives to complement faith and reason in the pursuit of the great questions of justice and fairness in our world (such as business ethics, racism, unemployment, global imbalance of resources, and poverty and oppression). These questions are raised will be raised to you to learn through research, reflection, and experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Spiritual strength: Prayer, liturgy, and spirituality in the Jesuit Catholic tradition of Saint Ignatius enhances the educational process and strengthens our educational community in the fullest sense.
  • Cura personalis (Latin meaning “care for the [individual] person”): Jesuit education stresses that each individual is important and must be given focused attention. This level of guidance suggests distinct respect for the unique circumstances and concerns of each of our students and an appropriate appreciation for the gifts and insights of each member of our community.

Our Jesuit Heritage is integrated into a number of the courses you’ll take at John Carroll, particularly those in philosophy, theology and religious studies, and the arts. These courses broaden your understanding of social justice, values, creativity, and performance, and help you to develop a better sense of personal and social responsibility.
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You can learn more about John Carroll University’s Jesuit character and identity by visiting our University Mission and Identity page.