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The Fleet Service and Transportation Department, part of the Auxiliary Services Department, is primarily responsible for ensuring the safety, reliability, and representation of our vehicle fleet, as well as fulfilling many of our transportation needs. Our duties include working with the entire John Carroll Community in carrying out these related tasks to assist and enrich John Carroll University students throughout the Education Process.



Please be advised that the following .pdf  designates the current transportation policy as of Fall 2020. This supersedes the regular policy below and is effective until further notice.


Interim Transportation Policy



Fleet Transportation is available 7 days a week.  The following rates are in effect as of September 2018.  Use of transportation after normal hours, weekends, and holidays require a 4-hour minimum charge at $22.50 per hour.  A standard fee of 100 cents per mile is charged for either the 28 passenger bus or the 14 passenger minibus in addition to the hourly rate.  Trips over 50 miles will be discounted for these vehicles at 50 cents per mile for overages after the first 50 miles are met.  A van is available at $20.00 per hour and .50 cents per mile for smaller groups of 12 or under.  All vehicles are supplied with a driver.  In addition, a rental van option is available for groups 10 and under including the driver with a standard rate of $50 for trips under 4-hour duration and $100 for longer daily trips.  The requirement for driver certification is mandatory for all rentals.  Fleet Services will respond to transportation requests as quickly as possible and continue to serve on a first come first serve basis.  Reservations must be submitted in writing or electronically a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of the scheduled event.  All trips are served according to scheduling demands including driver availability and are not definite.  Requests should be in as early as possible and completed fully to insure a reservation.  Completed information is critical to speed up the request process.  No overnight or out of state requests will be accepted.  Calls or emails to check on available dates are for that purpose only; honored requests should be made in writing with the approved request form.  When requests are received and reviewed a confirmation email will be sent out quickly once drivers and times have been approved and in place.  Cancellation of transportation requests for business hours between 7:00am – 5:00pm, must be completed 24 hours prior to scheduled use.  Cancellation of requests for non-business hours, weekends, and holidays must be completed 48 hours prior to scheduled use.  Requests that are not cancelled within this time may be subject to the 4-hour minimum charge for after hours trips and 2-hour minimum for business hours.  Airport transportation for our 28 passenger bus may be limited due to luggage space restrictions.  In any event, passengers will be limited to one large bag and one carry-on.  Passengers should be capable of carrying their own luggage and we are not responsible for lost or damaged items.  No exceptions in regard to safety of passengers when loading vehicles, passengers and luggage.  Baggage must be stowed properly and seating will be limited accordingly as it applies.  Additional vehicles can be added to support larger groups well in advance of trip.  Airport trips will require complete itinerary including Airline flight numbers, departure and arrival info including cell contacts.  Departures are defined as the time expected to leave JCU to allow for flight check-in etc. and flight arrivals are when the flight is expected to land when filling those requests.  Vehicles and drivers will allow, alter and respond to these times for group pickups and your accurate information is essential.

We understand that there could be events and circumstances out of our control.  We have and will continue to accommodate emergency bus trips when possible and those should be communicated as quickly as possible so our response can be effective.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated in helping to carry out all of your transportation needs.  Questions concerning requests, scheduling, changes, usage, and cancellations should be directed to Tom Kriz – Fleet Service Coordinator at 1-(216)-397-4581 or email


Request Form


Rental Form

*NOTE: Type into the form, select print and change printer to “Save as PDF” to save your information. OR download the form and then open it with Adobe Acrobat in order to fill out and save the form.

Please click the above link to be directed to the transportation request form.  This form can be filled out and emailed to Tom Kriz at, or sent via mail.


Tom Kriz