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Asset Essentials

Asset Essentials is a work order tracking system for reporting issues relating to Facilities, Capital Projects, Turfscape(landscaping and outside services), and ABM(housekeeping services). If you are trying to connect to a wifi network, the instructions are here, other IT related issues should submit a ticket through the ITS helpdesk at

This replacement for Schooldude utilizes John Carroll University's Single Sign On for account creation and logon functions. You will enter your JCU ID without "" when prompted to login.

When you set up the account initially, you must use a computer to do this or you will not receive the Single Sign On prompt needed to log in. Once you set up the account, you are able to use the app with the current instructions for the app below.

To enter a work order from a computer please use this link: in your browser. The system has been tested with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

If you are trying to access the work order system from a mobile device, please download the app from the appropriate source for you android or apple device

Apple App Store


Google Play


When launching the app, it will ask for "Client ID," enter "jcu" to get to the SSO login.

Client ID


Some contracted companies may require access to the work order systems in various capacities. This includes companies that complete work orders, as well as requester access for vendors that stay on campus for the duration of the contract. To access the system, the members that will be interacting with Asset Essentials will need a John Carroll email, as well as SSO access. For these non-employee accounts, the John Carroll employee that manages the contract in question will need to sponsor this access. What this means, is that the sponsoring employee is responsible for the use of this access to John Carroll's IT services. To sponsor the account please go here and sign in with your JCU SSO information. 

  • Request Type: Password Reset/Campus Network Account(SSO)
  • Subject: [Company Name] Account Creation
  • Request Details:
    • Start the details with, "The following contractors need SSO and JCU email access in order to utilize the Asset Essentials work order system."
    • The full name of each individual you are sponsoring access for.
    • The email (non-JCU) of the individual.
    • The annual expiration date for the account. This is the date you will review/change/renew the accounts on an annual basis each year.
Sponsored Accounts Request

It will take a few days for the account creation process to take place. When it is complete, the ticket will be updated with the initial login information for the individuals. You will send this information to the individuals to setup the accounts. Once the accounts are setup, they should automatically have access to Asset Essentials. In the event it does not work, or the contactor requires different access, such as being assigned and working on work orders, please contact facilities.

NOTE:  Facilities staff will only enter a resident hall room or student living space after 10am to perform maintenance work unless it is an emergency or with resident approval.

We appreciate calls when there is an emergency; however, we still need a work order placed in order to keep record of the issue and the follow up efficiently.

Facilities Office

The Facilities Office is located in Room 07 on the lower level of the Lombardo Student Center.