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John Carroll University grants credit for college-level classes that a student completes. Credit will be accepted from regionally accredited institutions as long as students achieve a grade of “C” or better. Credit is subject to the following restrictions:

  • Credit will not be given for courses completed with the lowest passing grade, though these courses need not always be repeated.
  • Courses completed with a “Pass” grade will not be accepted unless it can be established that the “Pass” was the equivalent of a “C” grade or higher.
  • No credit will be given, even as general electives, for courses in orientation, applied arts, athletics, or technical training which do not contribute to the goals of a liberal arts education.
  • In no instance will a John Carroll degree be awarded to a student unless 60 semester hours have been completed at John Carroll University and at least 50% of the major requirements are completed at John Carroll.
  • The limit of transfer credit is 60-semester hours.

For first-year students, once students commit to John Carroll and submit their enrollment deposit, they should request that an official transcript be sent from the college(s) at which the classes were taken directly to John Carroll for an official credit evaluation.

For transfer students, determination of credit transferability occurs at the time of admission evaluation and decision. A listing of the applicant’s courses and credits which are transferable to John Carroll University will be sent to the admitted student upon acceptance.