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This past summer (2021) the Department of Residence Life decided to no longer provide cable TV to the Residence Halls for a number of reasons. They are now encouraging students to consider a television that has the capability to utilize the Wifi network in the residence halls to access any and all streaming services they may have an account with. You will no longer be utilizing the coaxial connections in the room. If you have a television that does not connect directly to wifi, we are encouraging you to purchase a streaming device that connects to your television such as a Roku or other similar devices so you can access any streaming service you choose. 

In assisting others when asked about this, the ITS department has settled on a Roku box which offers a lot of free programming. However, you are free to choose whatever option may work best for you. Here is a link to the ITS recommended device we are using in public areas around campus, and in the common areas of the residence halls: Roku Ultra

  • Please contact the office of Residence Life with any further questions.