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Access Messages from Outside the Office
You can access your messages from off an off-campus telephone device by simply dialing, 216.397.6200. When you hear the main JCU greeting begin to play, press #. When prompted, enter your mailbox number.
Note: To automate this process refer to the “Alternate Device” feature mentioned on the main Voicemail page, or in the Voicemail Users Guide.

Bypass Greeting
When you reach someone’s voice mail greeting you can bypass the entire greeting by simply pressing 1. The greeting will stop, the system will beep and allow you to leave your message immediately.

Dial By Name
If you don’t know someones extension you can use the Dial by Name feature to find it, and then be transferred to that extension.

1- From your office telephone, dial 7000.

2- When you are prompted to enter your security code, do not enter it but press * 8.

You will be prompted to enter the first few letters of the person’s last name. Example: S M I for Smith. If you enter 4 letters (S M I T), you will find the person you are looking for faster.

The system will then list each person whose last name matches the letters you just entered, followed by the option to press 1, 2, etc., to be transferred to them. Once you press the appropriate option, the system will announce the name of the person along with their extension number, and then you will be transferred to them.

Help Menu
After you have logged into your mailbox you can access the help menu at any time by pressing the # key. Whether you are listening to a message, making a message, or forwarding a message and are confused as to what your current options are, press # and a full list of the current options will be played for you.

Message Envelope Settings
Typically when you press “1” to play a message, the system will inform you of the calling party’s name and telephone number (4-digit internal or 10-digit external if provided) before playing the message. By default this envelope information is announced prior to playing the message. There are optional choices are to have it play at the end of the message, or not to play at all. If you want this changed, contact the system administrator.

Quick Message
Apart from logging into your mailbox and pressing “2” to Make and Send a Message, you can leave a message for another voicemail subscriber without calling them as follows:

1- Dial 7999, then wait for voicemail to answer.

2- At the greeting (you do not need to listen to it), enter the mailbox number (XXXX) of the person for whom you wish to leave a message.

3- After you hear their personal greeting, leave your message.

Transferring a Caller into Voicemail
You can transfer a caller directly into someone’s voice mailbox as follows:

1- With the caller on the line, press the Transfer button.

2- Dial 7999, then wait for voice mail to answer.

3- As the greeting begins to play (you do not need to listen to it), enter the mailbox number (XXXX) of the person for whom you wish the caller to leave a message, then hang up immediately.

NOTE: If you do not hang up immediately and you begin to hear the greeting of the person for whom you are leaving the message, the caller will only hear what is still playing after you hang up.


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