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The John Carroll University voicemail system allows you to record personalized greetings to let callers know if you’re on a call, away from your desk, or out of the office. Callers can press 0 to be transferred to the administrative assistant, university operator, or anyone else that you would like to define as an answering point.

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The system also offers the ability to easily access messages while you are at home or on the road, and never miss another urgent call or message, no matter where you are. With Message Notification and when a message is received, not only will your office telephone message light be lit, but you can be alerted via email, web app, mobile, or SMS-capable device. Choose how and when you’d like to be notified, and how to access messages or change greetings from anywhere.

If you would like to view and/or download a user’s guide, click here: Voice Mail Users Guide.


Below are a list of other features that may be requested:

alternate device

Alternate Device– Allows you to automate the retrieval of messages from a home or mobile telephone number. Click here for further information: Alternate Device

Simple UM

Simple UM (Unified Messaging) – Simple UM does not require a separate inbox. You will receive an email which shows the caller ID of the sender, along with an attached WAV file, which you can listen to, or save a copy on your computer or other device. Click here for further information: Simple UM

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SMS Text Notification – Allows you to receive an SMS text message on your mobile device with name and number of the caller (if provided) who left you a voice mail message. Click here for further information: SMS Text (charges may apply, based upon your contract)

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Web Phone Manager – You can check messages on the Web anytime and have easy control over your many preferences and settings. Listen to your voice messages on your computer speakers or plug in earphones for privacy. If you prefer, messages can still be played via telephone. You can also save a WAV file copy of important messages. Click here for further information about WPM.

NOTE: To inquire about availability for any of these services, please email the system administrator.

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