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The content included in this section pertains to calls received on University owned office telephone equipment only. Calls received on your personal or business mobile device should be directed to the local police department, in this case, the University Heights Police Department.

Most malicious telephone calls do not usually constitute a threat to your personal safety; however, abusive, annoying, harassing, obscene, or threatening telephone calls are a crime. If a caller persists after you have made it clear you do not wish to talk, the simplest response is to hang up. The JCU Campus Police are always available to you, any time you receive a malicious telephone call.

If you are a victim of telephone harassment, please follow these steps:

1. As soon as you realize the nature of the call, HANG UP. Remain calm and replace the receiver on the telephone as you would for any call.

2. Do not talk or try to discover the caller’s identity.

3. If calling persists, or if any call is obscene or threatening, call Campus Police at:

  • From an on campus phone : Dial 1234.
  • From an off campus phone or mobile device: Dial 216.397.1234.

4. Keep a time log of calls received, what was said by all parties, and a description of the voice. Do not erase a harassing voice mail message. It should be noted to the officer with whom you file your report.

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