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Avaya 9608

Local Calls: All seven-digit numbers in the 216 area code are deemed as local calls from the John Carroll Campus.

There are a handful of exchanges in the 330 area code, and a larger number in the 440 area code which are also in our local calling area.

  • 216 number – Dial 9+the seven-digit telephone number.
  • 330/440 number – Dial 9+1+330/440+the seven-digit number.

Need to find a number? Try the White Pages or Yellow Pages.

Check to see if the number you are calling is local to JCU: AT&T Local Calling

Long Distance Calls – Dial 9+1+area code+seven digit number. Need help with an area code? Use the Area Code Map.

Toll Free Calls – Dial 9+1+800+seven digit number.
(other toll free prefixes include 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, 888)

International Calls – Dial 9+011+country code+city code+seven digit number. To verify a country and/or city code: Country Calling Codes.

On Campus Calls – Dial the four-digit (XXXX) extension number.

Directory Assistance – Dial 9+411

Fax Machine Usage – When faxing on campus to another campus fax machine, it is necessary to dial only the four-digit extension number.

Switchboard Operator – Dial 0.

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