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There are three main components of this application:

  1. Communication – A personalized, data-driven in-line messaging component that allows instructors and students to see only what’s important to them.
  2. Measure Usage –  Knowing in real-time which areas of Canvas need more attention and support.
  3. Feedback - Instructors and students can provide feedback on the campaigns and support documents with intuitive mechanisms such as “thumbs up/down” and leave comments.

With the launch of Impact, our first campaign is to inform instructors and students about the new support button on Canvas. It is an on-demand resource available 24/7 where you can get help, find answers to questions, and learn more about how to use Canvas. Click on the () button to open the Support Center. Once opened, you can click on the different categories or type in the search bar to find the help you need. At the bottom of the Support Center, you also can contact the Service Desk via e-mail or phone.


You will see messages like this one pop up from time to time in Canvas. These will be used to communicate Canvas-related support instructions. You can also give a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" feedback. After reading a message, you can choose to click the "X" to close the message or “Don’t show this again”. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Service Desk at 216-397-3005.