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LockDown Browser The Respondus LockDown Browser (RLDB) is a locked browser that prevents students from printing, copying, going to another URL, or accessing other applications during an assessment. When the RLDB is enabled for a quiz, students will be required to download and use RLDB to take the quiz or exam. Watch an overview video on LockDown Browser.

Monitor Respondus Monitor is an automated proctoring feature that can be turned on when using the LockDown Browser that uses a student’s webcam and video analytics to help instructors catch cheating. Watch an overview video on Monitor.

Instructor Live Proctoring with LockDown Browser® - (NEW)

LockDown Browser now works with Zoom video conferencing systems. This makes it easy for instructors to watch students during remote, online testing. The new “Instructor Live Proctoring” setting is recommended for small class sizes so instructors can effectively observe and track students during the exam. Watch an overview video on the Live Proctoring tool.

Please contact the Center for Digital Media for more information at

The link below, LockDown Browser Installer for Windows and Mac (includes Respondus Monitor), is the only link that you should use to download LockDown Browser. The installer is preconfigured to work with JCU Canvas. 


Test Taking Tips

  • Select a location where you won't be interrupted
  • Before starting the test, know how much time is available for it, and that you've allotted sufficient time to complete it
  • Turn off all mobile devices, phones, etc. and don't have them within reach
  • Clear your area of all external materials — books, papers, other computers, or devices
  • Remain at your desk or workstation for the duration of the test
  • LockDown Browser will prevent you from accessing other websites or applications; you will be unable to exit the test until all questions are completed and submitted
  • To insert Special Characters use the  icon at the top of the browser screen.

Training & Help

Faculty can enable Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor for a Canvas Quiz by following the following directions:

  1. Make sure the quiz has been deployed in the Canvas course.
  2. From the Course Navigation in Canvas, select LockDown Browser.
  3. A list of quizzes in the course will be displayed.
    1. Quizzes will be labeled with Required/Not Required under the corresponding features that are turned on for that exam (LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor)
    2. To change the settings, select Settings from the context menu (down arrow) to the left of the quiz title and select the desired option.

See the guides below for more instructions and options.

Why a practice exam is important

  • Ensure your first exam using LockDown Browser runs smoothly! Have students take an ungraded practice quiz that requires the use of LockDown Browser, before the graded exam occurs.
  • Leave the quiz available for the duration of the course, with unlimited attempts, so students can access it again if they use a different computer.

Training Webinars

  • Register for a free training webinar on LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor.