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All Services A – Z



Active Directory (AD)

Active Directory (AD) is your domain account at the University, used to log in to workstations in any lab/classroom, Canvas (LMS), VPN, Atomic Learning, and the Eduroam wireless network. AD accounts are automatically provisioned upon joining the University.



Banner is the integrated database system used at John Carroll University to coordinate and manage student and employee information and business processes throughout the university.


Canvas (Learning Management System)

Canvas is a virtual hub for student services that provides access to online course materials, grades, organizations, accounts, and many other academic and campus services.

Center for Digital Media

The CDM, located on the main floor of Grasselli Library & Breen Learning Center, is dedicated to advancing the use of technology to enhance teaching, learning, and research, through a combination of faculty workshops, instructional design, videography, multimedia development assistance, and one-one consultations.

Classroom Technology

Classrooms are equipped with multimedia technology ranging from basic to theater to public collaboration.

Computer Labs

Computer labs equipped with Windows and Macintosh computers, printers, and other technology are located around campus. Specialized software is installed on lab computers for use in coursework.

Computer Repair

ITS offers repair and replacement services for John Carroll computers. Diagnosis and selective problem resolution is also available for personal computers.


Departmental Hardware Purchasing

ITS provides assistance in university owned hardware and software purchases as well as technical support for the hardware.

Departmental Software Purchasing

ITS offers support for software purchasing and licensing.


Equipment Recovery Program

The Recovery Program is fashioned for the protection of user privacy and recycling. Please call Service Desk at 216.397.3005 for more information.



Google Apps

JCU ITS, in collaboration with Google, Inc., provides unlimited email storage, enhanced mail search, Instant Messenger chat integration, access to Google Drive and full calendar use to all students, faculty, and staff.


JCU ITS, in collaboration with Google, Inc., provides a Gmail interface for student, faculty, and staff email.

Google Drive

Faculty and students get access to Google Drive with unlimited data storage space. It can be accessed from multiple devices with a single google account.

Google Drive File Stream

A new way to access all of your Google Drive files on demand, directly from your Mac or PC, without using up all of your disk space.


H Drive (Personal Network Drive)

Personal Drives are roaming drives on network. John Carroll employees home directories are allocated 5 GB of storage. Student home directories (H: drive) are allocated 3 GB of storage.



JCU Alert

John Carroll University has partnered with Rave Wireless to provide an emergency alert system. John Carroll students are loaded into the system upon intake. Alert preferences can be changed by logging in to the Rave Wireless site.



Lecture Capture

With the Kaltura Canvas Video App, teachers, students, and staff can easily view, record, manage, edit, transcode, and deliver high-quality video that is visible on any device, at any time.



Media Conversion

Center for Digital Media (CDM) offer services like video and audio conversion as well as converting foreign video tapes to North American Broadcast standard.

Multimedia Loans

Center for Digital Media offers a range of loaner audio and visual equipment to John Carroll students, faculty, and staff to checkout through Grasselli Library & Breen Learning Center.



O Drive (Dept. Network Drive)

Shared Departmental drives have data storage capacity of 20 GB.


The professional email and calendar app that helps you stay on top of what matters.


PC Recommendations

Service Desk provides a list of basic recommendations for computers compatible with the network and support services available on campus.


Printing pages are allotted to students at the beginning of every semester. Additional pages can be bought. ITS also offers a Poster printing service.



Qualtrics is a Web-based service that allows you to easily create a survey, collect and store data securely, analyze responses, and present results using professional-quality graphs. John Carroll University has a site license for the Qualtrics Survey Service. It is available to all JCU students, faculty, and staff, at no cost. The service can be used to support teaching, academic research, and institutional business.



Software Site Licensing

JCU ITS manages site licenses for commonly used software programs for math and statistics, science and engineering, bibliography management, security, online surveys, and other areas.


SpaceFinder tracks and reserves rooms for events on campus. Additional media equipment and technician support can be requested.

Solstice Pod

The Solstice Pod is a software-based collaboration solution integrated on a hardware platform purpose-built for wireless media streaming.



Employees may use Tableau as the primary visual tool for data analysis and sharing.

Telephone and Voicemail

The Telecom Department provides telecommunication services to students, faculty, and staff, and our services include telephones, voicemail, unified communications, digital satellite broadcasting, and emergency notification.



Video Production

John Carroll University offers Mobile Media Services which aid students and employees in shooting, editing and conversion.


The VPN, or virtual private network, is a network that can be accessed off-campus so that one may access files on one’s O drive, personal files, and so on. It is accessed through a program called GlobalProtect.


Web Conferencing/Skype/WebEx

Web conferencing is using an application to make video calls. Skype is a popular instant messaging and video calling application from Microsoft. WebEx is a business video calling application.

Wifi (Eduroam)

Eduroam is a wireless connection that is available here at John Carroll University, Stanford University, Ashland University, Cleveland State University, Kent State University, and many other college campuses around the world.