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This event provides an opportunity for preferred vendors to market their products to JCU faculty, staff, and students. In addition, an opportunity to interact with key technology support personnel and decision-makers for John Carroll University. We hope that you will be able to participate in this year’s event.

To reserve your space please click on the link below to complete and submit your vendor registration by close of business on September 5th. Please do so as early as possible, space is limited, and we would love for you to be there.

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  • I really enjoyed talking to the vendors at the event. They all had great energy and I am excited to utilize their resources!!
  • I felt everyone there was very enthusiastic.  That is very nice to see after a difficult year-and-a-half!
  • Meeting vendors in person.   Discovering vendors I didn't know we had.   The giveaways at the vendor booths made this really fun and encouraged stopping at each table.  I appreciated the bagels, snacks, and cookies and brownies - it was a nice touch to have the food there.       
  • Being able to communicate with some of the vendors who have a direct connection with what I do.
  • It was fun! Learn more into eSports, that was definitely a highlight.


  • I really enjoyed getting to know the staff. A lot of people came to the booth, asking about what we do.
  • Nonstop foot traffic!! We appreciate everyone stopping at our table!
  • Yes, because we were able to grasp a big picture view of all the university provides for faculty, staff and students, all in one place. Assuming this was not even close to a complete picture gives you a sense of how much is offered and available to us.
  • Yes - A lot of students and staff came in. They were able to speak with vendors, and from a vendor perspective get to know JCU more.
  • Thank you to all who planned, set up, participated, and then tore down. Your commitment to JCU faculty and staff, and most importantly to the students' body is admirable.