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The purpose of Black Students in Action is to promote the recognition and involvement of African American students, students of African descent, and students of other ethnic backgrounds at John Carroll University. The organization holds the intention of creating a strong voice on campus and making an impact on the decisions regarding students of the JCU community. (Meets on Wednesdays from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 PM in the Black Cultural Center/Murphy Commons)

Recent events and announcements can be found on the Instagram page: 

Email Jashauna Harris, for more information.

Coptic Club's goals are to inform, educate and represent the Coptic community at JCU. 

Please contact Toby Khalil at to see upcoming programs. Instagram page: jcucopticclub

Le Cercle Français is a space for students to discover the French language and francophone culture! Students of all levels of French are encouraged to participate. Members meet for bi-weekly events and organize trips off campus to experience French art, theater, film, and food!

Email Ava at for information on meeting times!

Allies is a group of LGBTQ+ persons and their supporters. We believe in the freedom and equality of all individuals and work to promote this in our daily lives.

Meets on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. in the CSDI Lounge (LSC 48).

Email for more information or visit the Instagram page at alliesatjcu

Supporting Jewish students in the expression of their identity and providing opportunities for non-Jewish students to enhance their understanding of the Jewish world. Meeting date and time TBD.

Email Ellie Fleischer for more information on meetings and programs. Follow Instagram at jcuhillel

Email Meredith Blamer, for more information on programs and events. 

The primary purpose of LASA is to provide the opportunity for students of Latin American heritage and their friends to meet on a regular basis, organize activities, and increase the number of Latin American students on campus and the awareness of our presence and value to the University at large.

Meets on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. in the CSDI Lounge (LSC 48).

Email Alejandra LaPoint for more information on meetings and programs. 

MESA’s goal is to introduce students to the diverse cultures, people, and ideas of the Middle East. We are inclusive to all students from all backgrounds and we encourage all students to attend our events. Some of our main events include: Middle Eastern Dinners, Hookah Nights, and a bi-annual Hafleh (festival). 

Email  Sarah Azzi, for more information on meeting times and programs. 


The Muslim Student Association invites you to the weekly Friday prayer service! We will be in the Interfaith Room (second floor of the library) at 2 p.m.! All are welcome to observe and we highly encourage you to attend!

Email  Mallaak Wahdan, for more information on programs and events. 

Celebrate and learn about South Asian culture with JCU's South Asian Student Association. Instagram jcu_sasa

Email Maya Kumar, for more information on programs and events. 

The mission of SJP is to promote justice, human rights, liberation, decolonization, and the self-determination of the Palestinians who have been living without basic rights since 1948. The organization also hopes to celebrate and share Palestinian culture with everyone on campus. Aim to create a safe space for discussion, education, solidarity, and activism regarding social injustices, inequality, history, and the human rights of Palestinians. 

Contact Gia Hamed for more information and upcoming programs:

Instagram page: sjpjcu

Email Erin DeCocker,  for more information on programs and events. 

Email Sarah Zarrelli, for more information on programs and events. 

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Resources for Cultural Organizations

The executive boards of cultural student organizations work directly with CSDI staff to strengthen their club's mission, vision, and leadership skills.

Cultural leadership retreats are held in early fall and spring semesters.

CSDI-Recognized cultural student organization

Not all cultural student organizations are recognized by CSDI, but all are recognized by the Office of Student Engagement. New cultural student organizations need to attend the annual CSDI Cultural Organization retreat. 

Please email & for more information.


The CSDI Lounge is a multi-purpose space used by student organizations and others for meetings, studying, and socializing. To reserve this space please call 216.397.4185.

Features include:

  • Movable large couches, love seats, and chairs
  • Movable coffee/study tables
  • 2 large group study tables
  • 1 large classic chalkboard, chalk, and erasers
  • 1 large white board, white board markers, and erasers
  • Flat screen television, hooked up to University’s cable system
  • 1 DVD player
  • 1 Wii console and games
  • Board games
  • Community lending library

Student Involvement Fair

The Involvement Fair happens in early fall and spring semester. Here you will be able to meet 100+ student organizations and other opportunities. This is the best place to sign up for clubs, leadership opportunities, fraternities, sororities, academic clubs, intramural sports, etc.

Involvement Fair usually is scheduled for the 2nd Friday of the fall semester.